Digital SPS – from Dubai with love!


Our Dubai based senior team of four have a combined total of 99 years of 360 degree commercial experience in the UAE, across the Middle East and including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Access to this breadth and depth of experience is the valuable ‘icing on the cake’ added value that our clients benefit from when they start to work with us – and let us know repeatedly how much they appreciate it.

As a digital marketing consultancy we of course create beautiful websites, achieve great SEO results and weave engaging social media platforms, and you’d be right in thinking well that’s not very unique. But the intuitive thought, ideas and creativity we bring to a client relationship helps to make us unique.

And because we have this wealth of experience we love sharing it. Our satisfaction rises, our clients are delighted and relationships last longer – everybody wins! Our work with over one hundred small, medium and large companies across a wide range of industry sectors means we delight in bringing this experience to our client’s table.  Add to this our digital marketing skills and it translates into a formidable and valuable offering that our clients truly appreciate and benefit from.

This is what we mean by ‘icing on the cake’ – and it’s what makes us different.

  • Jim Kane
    Jim KaneManaging Director - Marketing & Consulting

    Jim has 35 years’ experience of international business development in both the B2B and B2C spheres.  Prior to forming his own Dubai based business in 2004 Jim worked for 2 international organisations over a period of 30 years and gained valuable experience of working in over 40 countries/markets.

    Jim’s working passion is very simple: for him it’s about helping businesses grow and to enabling them to achieving their business objectives. Taking a holistic approach and using digital and online strategies and techniques is, he believes, the key to success when it comes to acquiring new customers, increasing visibility and maximizing, greater customer engagement and profits.

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  • Martin C. Kubler
    Martin C. KublerPartner

    Martin Kubler is a hotel GM turned hospitality & service industries consultant with 15+ years executive-level management experience across the Hospitality sector in Europe and the Middle East. He is highly creative, passionate about communication, and understands an eclectic mix of business, science, and art.

    As CEO of Iconsulthotels, a Dubai-based ultra-boutique consulting firm, Martin specializes in assisting small & medium hospitality & service industries companies to achieve their business goals through innovative use of PR, social and digital media, as well as customised business strategies.

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  • Susan Probert
    Susan ProbertSenior Consultant

    Susan has a wealth of commercial experience in this region with more than 15 years of success already behind her: 9 years in the digital marketing field and over 10 years in this region working with international and local brands including L’Oréal, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Harley-Davidson, WAFI, TDIC and Energizer Group.

    In her previous roles Susan has successfully brought a top quality 360 e-commerce offering to the region in her role as Marketing Director for MENA360, she also headed up the Dubai/Middle East office as Director of Client Services at Digital Republic and more latterly Susan held the position of Head of DM3 Institute and Agency in Dubai.

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    • Ahsan Ulhaq
      Ahsan UlhaqDigital Marketing Consultant

      Digital Marketing Manager with proven track record in developing and delivering innovative top-level business development and marketing campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images, identifying new markets and providing increased revenue streams in highly competitive settings.

      Experienced in Concept and Structure design, Team Management, Telesales, Staff Training, Recruitment and Database planning. I have been recognized as a strong leader capable of coaching and empowering individuals into achieving their own potential as well as making a significant contribution to the business.

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      • Allison Kane
        Allison KaneClient Management & Consulting

        Allison brings over 20 years of valuable international work experience to helping Digital SPS clients achieve their desired results.  She shares her creative marketing ideas and exceptional business development skills during initial consultations and regular review meetings with a variety of our clients.

        The majority of Allison’s work experience has been gained whilst working for American Express and Thomas Cook Group in a variety of senior commercial roles.

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      • Muhammad Asad
        Muhammad AsadSenior Software Engineer

        Asad has more than 7 years of experience as a senior software developer. He has developed enterprise level applications for a wide range of business sectors including Real-estate, Health, Education, Accounting, Entertainment and Fashion, with more than 50 applications in his portfolio.

        Asad qualified as a software engineer from GC University, Faisalabad. He has since gained extensive experience in developing applications using PHP frameworks Zend framework, Codeigniter , Cake php and laravel.

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        • Emma Gribben
          Emma GribbenDigital Marketing Manager

          Emma has a strong creative flair, an eye for detail and has over 5 years of experience within the world of Digital Marketing and Communications gained through a variety of roles at international organisations based in the UK and Dubai. With her knowledge and passion for marketing in general and digital marketing in particular, Emma is able to help companies achieve their business objectives through the design, implementation and management of well thought out strategies aimed at successful outcomes.

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        • Mohammed Aneek
          Mohammed AneekSEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

          Aneek has over 4 years of professional experience in the Digital Marketing field working with a wide range of clients in a variety of business sectors. His interest in the digital marketing world started at school and 9 years later he has been able to gain experience on all touchpoints – graphic design, flash animations, website development and design and social media marketing. Whilst he is multi-skilled his main focus and interest, at least for now, is SEO. He is passionate about helping clients grow their business by contributing his wide ranging knowledge and skills to helping them achieve their objectives.

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