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Allison brings over 20 years of valuable international work experience to helping Digital SPS clients achieve their desired results.  She shares her creative marketing ideas and exceptional business development skills during initial consultations and regular review meetings with a variety of our clients.

The majority of Allison’s work experience has been gained whilst working for American Express and Thomas Cook Group in a variety of senior commercial roles.  Her big company international experience coupled with her 10 years as a business owner where she consults with large and small businesses across the Gulf region, allows Digital SPS clients to benefit hugely from her insightful advice and guidance which ultimately helps them achieve their targeted growth quickly and effectively.

Allison has an impressive and proven track record in Relationship Management, Marketing, Business Development, Human Resource Management and Operational and Project Management.  Her passion is in developing strategies and solutions for Digital SPS clients in helping them achieve their business goals.

Allison has worked in the Travel and Financial Services industries for 18 years for both Thomas Cook and American Express and has experience working in the UK, Europe and the US in a variety of HR, Business Development, Strategy and Purchasing roles.  Over the past 10 years as a Dubai based business owner her experience now also includes most Gulf countries.

Allison was part of the acquisition and integration team for the purchase of Thomas Cook Business Travel by American Express.  In her last role at American Express she was responsible for determining strategy for and negotiating the commercial agreements between American Express and their airline partners and developing share shift strategy and tools to support the programmes.

Allison is a co-founder of Strategic Partnership Solutions and has worked on a wide range of consulting projects for our clients in the banking, hospitality, travel, real estate and retail sectors across the Gulf region.