We are not just another film equipment rental company

We are not just another film equipment rental company. The range and quality of our equipment is a given. Action Filmz prides itself on putting people at the centre of its business – our clients, our in-house team, our partners and suppliers and it is this genuine focus that sets us apart.

In an industry that is demanding and high pressure Action Filmz is proud of its values and ethics. We respect our clients and are committed to understanding their needs and to working collaboratively to ensure a seamless process, excellent customer service, attention to detail and great execution.

Whilst we look to keep things simple our aim is to identify ways to add value to our customers at each step of the process. Our team is professional, passionate and knowledgeable and takes pride in consistently delivering exceptional results. Oh, and we are pretty nice guys too (even if we do say so ourselves)!

If you are looking for specialist equipment rental, or crew hire, location services, a custom designed studio, production expertise for a film, documentary, broadcast, TV commercial, corporate video or brand or photography assignment, or just need some support and advice to realize your creative vision then look no further.

The Action Filmz team is committed to helping you create exceptional experiences and deliver great results – every time.

Action Filmz Brand Vision Action Filmz Brand Values Our Guiding Principle
To go beyond and set world class standards
Teamwork Proactivity Dedication
A genuine Focus in everything we do

Our vision and values coupled with our guiding principle of providing genuine focus at every level and in all aspects of the business ensure we stand out from the crowd and is the reason why our clients come back for more.

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