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We are privileged to have an experienced team of in-house professionals ranging from DoP, Camera Operators, Digital Imaging Technicians, Sound Recordists, Lighting, Electrical and Grip technicians and other crew that are amongst the most talented and sought after professionals in the business.

All are experienced and skilled in their craft with many years experience in the region and internationally across a range of genres including film, television, commercials and events. All our skilled crew members are driven by a passion, commitment and focus to delivering excellence and adding value to our customers.

Our technical crew are supported by our operational and client servicing team who share the same passion and commitment to ensuring that we understand your needs in order to meet and exceed your expectations. From our Booking Co-ordinators through to our Kit Maintenance team the priority is to deliver a world class service.

We know everyone has to start somewhere and we understand the challenges, the highs and the lows of the business. All of our team have extensive experience in the industry and because of this we have extensive knowledge which we are always happy to share to ensure that you get the best possible results. Drop by any time and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and show you what we have to offer.

Meet our team

Crispin Dominic is a skilled and dedicated technician and DoP who has learnt his craft from, and been inspired by, some of the best in the media production industry. He arrived in Dubai when the media scene in the UAE was in its infancy and had the privilege of working under Iranian photographer Faramarz Beheshti.

The progression from still photography to film was realized with the opening up of production houses in Dubai. During the course of his career he has worked in several different roles within production from gaffer through to DoP working on numerous commercials, broadcast and film projects. This has given him a great insight to and knowledge of both the technical and operational aspects of production.

His passion for film production coupled with his experience and dedication to his craft saw him identify a gap in the market for a one stop-shop for film and photography professionals and he set about building a company that could offer its clients everything they need to ensure a quality shoot and production.

Action Filmz was born in 2004 and the Action Filmz philosophy is simple – offer the right place, the right kit and the right people at the right price and let the magic happen. He has built a team of experienced, committed professionals who share his thirst to learn and his love and passion for film. Inspired and motivated by Crispin the Action Filmz team are regarded as ONE of the best in the business.

Nothing gives Crispin greater satisfaction than helping a client turn their vision into reality and today Action Filmz has the pleasure of working with many big media houses both locally and internationally.

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