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Is a loss of sales in your Business Plan? No of course not, but please make yourself aware of these changes to avoid disaster.

Having your website mobile optimized is a no brainer right? After all over 70% of us now routinely use our smartphone and tablets to search Google for local products and services, overtaking desktop search. Those searching on a mobile device are also more likely to convert more quickly, as often their need is more urgent. At best therefore you are looking at a lost opportunity and at worst surely it would be financial suicide not to have your website mobile optimized?

Add to that the fact that the UAE leads the world with almost 74% (Source: Our Mobile Planet by Google) of the population using smartphones, rising to a staggering 81% in the 16 – 34 age group. You have to wonder why any business large or small would not want to ensure their website was mobile optimized. Despite all this the team at Digital SPS are constantly surprised at the number of business owners we speak to and meet with who are currently operating websites that are not mobile optimized.

If these statistics are not enough to send you running to check whether indeed your site is mobile optimized then the fact that Google’s next major update, the Mobile Algorithm Update, scheduled for 21 April certainly should be. This new mobile friendly algorithm change is designed to help users discover more mobile-friendly content and is expected, according to Google sources, to have a greater impact on search rankings than either of the infamous Panda or Penguin updates. Consequently, this update has been dubbed by many in the industry as “Mobilegeddon”.


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